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タルトゥ2024(エストニア)/ Tartu 2024 (Estonia)

タルトゥ2024は “Arts of Survival”をスローガンに、タルトゥ市及びエストニア南部地域の人々との協働のもと、多彩な準備活動を展開しています。その中の1つが、タルトゥ2024が主催する文化マネージャーのためのキャパシティビルディング・プログラム “Culture Compass”。

With the slogan “Arts of Survival”, Tartu 2024 has been delivering a variety of preparatory activities in collaboration with residents in Tartu city and Southern Estonian regions. One of them is a series of capacity building programs for cultural managers “Culture Compass”, organized by Tartu 2024.
On 26 November, the international presentation was held with the theme of the European dimension in cultural management.

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ザルツカンマーグート2024(オーストリア)/ Salzkammergut 2024 (Austria)


Bad Ischl surrounded by magnificent alps and plenty of nature will host the European Capital of Culture as Salzkammergut 2024, together with almost 20 neighboring municipalities.
At the beginning of November, a virtual meeting was held with stakeholders in Hallstatt, one of the municipalities in the region. Preparations for various activities have been underway in cooperation with local residents.

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ボーダ2024(ノルウェー)/ Bodo 2024 (Norway)


Bodo is the first city located in the Arctic Circle which hosts the European Capital of Culture. Last month, a variety of programs took place in the region through “Sami Week”, which focused on the minority language of Sami and its culture. Sami culture will also be featured in the Nordic Pavilion (Norway, Sweden, and Finland) at the Venice Biennale in 2022.

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Next week, we will introduce Chemnitz (Germany), one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2025!
Please keep your eyes on it.