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3 cities of the European Capitals of Culture in 2021 expand their colorful programs beyond the year 2021 – Novi Sad (Serbia): 2021-2022, and Timisoara (Romania) and Eleusis (Greece): 2021-2023.
Those cities have already delivered a variety of preparatory activities. Keep your eyes on them!


ノヴィ・サド(セルビア)/ Novi Sad (Serbia)


In Novi Sad (Serbia) where the European Capital of Culture will be held in 2022, two new years in the Gregorius calendar and Orthodox calendar will be celebrated. This year, a wide range of programs will be available online! Keep your eyes on them.

ティミショアラ(ルーマニア)/ Timisoara (Romania)


In Timisoara, art projects utilizing public spaces and programs involving citizens have been delivered. A short video that looks back at the year 2020 that was embedded in people’s memory and deepened bonds among people through culture features 9 works created last year!

エレフシナ(ギリシャ)/ Eleusis (Greece)

エレフシナ市内にはギリシャのアーティスト・コレクティブ、Beforelight Groupによるライトインスタレーション作品『Light Sgraffito』が昨年12月より展示されています。本作品はアーティストと地域住民との協働の元行われたワークショップや計画に基づいて創作されたもので、今年12月まで展示が続けられます。

In Eleusis, a light installation work “Light Sgraffito” by a Greek artist collective Beforelight Group has been exhibited since December 2020. This work was created based on collaborative workshops and planning between the artist and local residents. The installation work will be displayed until December 2021.



Keep your eyes on activities in each European Capital of Culture in 2021!