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The announcement from Ms Tomo Sone, Choreographer and Dancer who established the Japan-Israel International Dance project!  Her project, Tomo Sone Dance Projects, which has been performing, planning and choreographing in two countries, Japan and Israel, will present three works in Kyoto in October. For those with experience, there will be a workshop with her, and Mr Avidan Ben Giat also joins it online. Do not miss it!! 

★Message from artist ★Corona has changed our lives from end to end, many of us have had to stay away from their loved ones for long periods of time and alienation has taken over everything.  Further, the plague brought with it a constant fear of the unknown and of the coming battle.  To me, the existing uncertainty and confusion place art and creativity – and also me as a creator on a daily basis at the seam between listening to the voice of reason and devotion to the imagination.

No Man’s Land

【Dates】2nd and 3rd of October, 2021
【Place】Rohm Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)

From Japan to Israel – Dance workshop

【Date】3rd, October, 2021 11:30〜13:30
【Place】Rohm Theatre Kyoto
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Production::Tomo Sone Dance Projects
Sponsorship::Arts Support Kansai, ARTS for the future!
Supported by::Israel Embassy in Japan

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世界を舞台に活躍し、日本・イスラエル国際ダンスプロジェクトを実施してきた振付家・ダンサーの曽根知氏から、新たな公演のお知らせ!Tomo Sone Dance Projectsとして日本とイスラエル2国で公演、企画、振付を行ってきた本プロジェクトは10月、京都にて3作品を上演し、ダンス経験者向けにはオンラインでアビダン・ベン・ギアト氏も登壇するワークショップを開催します。ぜひ、詳細をチェックしてください!


ダンス公演 No Man’s Land

【日時】2021年10月2日(土) 18:30   3日(日) 16:00

From Japan to Israel – ダンスワークショップ



主催:Tomo Sone Dance Projects
文化庁「ARTS for the future!」補助対象事業

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