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Songwriter/performer and novelist Ekotumi, who tells Japanese mythology and folklore, and whose work includes a series of works based on the Kojiki, is touring abroad! This weekend she’ll be in Brussels, Belgium, and next week she’ll perform in the UK for the first time. Please check it out!

★Message from Artist★

Ekotumi Concerts in Belgium and London!
Expect a unique combination of traditional Japanese mythology and contemporary Japanese pop music!
●On 8th-10th October, Concert & Hologram exhibition at Japanese pop culture event MIA in Brussels! Hologram work is the first time in public, must see!

Made In Asia Expo (Japanese POP culture event) in Brussel

【Date】8-10 Oct. 2021
【Exhibition of the Hologram work】

●On 13th Oct, the first UK solo concert at London’s historic live music venue “Lexington”.

Ekotumi’s first solo concert in the UK, at Lexington

【Date】13 Oct. 2021
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★Message from Artist★


●10/8・9・10  ブリュッセルで開催の日本ポップカルチャーイベント『Made in Asia』で3daysコンサート &新しいライブ体験ができるホログラム作品を展示(初公開・必見)

日本ポップカルチャーイベント『Made in Asia』in ブリュッセル

・10/3 ロンドンの歴史あるライブハウス「レキシントン」で初の英国単独ライブ!!

ロンドン「The Lexington」Ekotumi単独公演

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