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Fumie Suzuki of 86B210, who has held the bimonthly performance ‘LABO’ with guests, will this time perform with two dancers in a performance that will fascinate you with the trial and error process of creating a work of art! What is the process of ‘manufacturing’ a work, and what are its ingredients and raw materials? Come along and find out!

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Belly dancers, contemporary dancers, and three dancers have been creating and presenting their works through trial and error. We wanted to take this opportunity to show you these works, which are usually never shown, as if they were a forest. Please take a walk inside each dancer’s head. Please take a walk inside each dancer’s head as if you were walking in a forest.

Produced by
Akiko Takada, Junko Takada, Fumie Suzuki

Dancers Forest

【Date/Time】18 June 14:00 (Door Open 13:30)/  19:00 (Door Open 18:30)
【Venue】The Museum of Kyoto, Annex Hall
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#踊森 #dancersforest


★Message from Artist★


タカダアキコ タカダジュンコ スズキフミエ


【日時】2022年6月18日(土)14:00 (13:30 開場)  /  19:00 (18:30 開場)
【会場】Art Space呼応
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